how to mix and dilut 75% fulvic adcid powder??

ironiousMarch 22, 2010

Ive got 11lbs of golden yellow fulvic acid powder that I ordered directly from a manufacure in China. The person I dealt with spoke broken English and I do not understand the diluting instructions. Can someone please help me?

Sometimes this is done in parts per million. If you can tell me the proper PPM to use then I can figure out the rest my self.

Anyhelp would be greatly apperciated.

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Hi Ironious,
No clue myself, but this might be of some help.

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As far as I know, the most common "recommended" dose is 0.5%. (1:200)
Hence for 1000 ml (1 liter of water equals 1000 ml/gr) 0.5% would equal 5gr per liter - and considering a purity of only 75%, you'd actually need 6.666 gram/liter.

Disclaimer: as I am very prone to error with maths (I hate it since my childhood), please someone confirm or correct this calculus! No kidding! No guaranty for the 0.5% either, it is what I remember having seen around. ;-)

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math looked fine to me. I always remember 10g/L is 1% or 1 part per hundred which is 10 000 parts per million.
Makes figuring all those concentrations a lot easier, for me anyway.

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Its funny you should find that eCrater page. That is my page but for a different kind of fulvic acid. That is an industrial strength fulvic acid. Unfortunately its a completely different product. From some of the info I got already, you can get 70 to 140 gallons out of 1lb of the the product I am asking about. I finally got a clear answer from the manufacture and he says 1:500

The product you see on eCrater is mixed at 1:5000 yes 5000. only 800 milligrams just under 1 gram makes 1 gallon of ready to use foliar spray. For a root drench it is 1:3000 However, I based my price on incorrect facts I will need to increase the amount offered dramatically if I expect to get the asking price. I only have 200grams at the moment of that product.

I have 5 kilos of the product in question.

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You forgot to mention for what use you need it ironious. Obviously different uses require different mixing ratios. What I was actually giving here was the "common or known" content in nutrient solutions. Both fulvic acid and/or humic acids are in fact and often added by 0.5% (1:200) in some nutrients. If that much is actually required, that's another question.

Btw: some time ago I have been doing an inquiry about a few of those "fine additives" that are recently getting of interest and are popularized by manufacturers. The real scientific proof of improvement when adding humic/folic/fulvic acids to nutrients is still missing. Same as for many other "magical" substances. These substances MAY indeed chelate cations of various trace elements by chelating the respective ions. IF so, - this would increase the availability of these cations to plants. But if these are already sufficiently available - these additives couldn't simply improve A THING. Plants are anyway able to create their own chelates for any imaginable micro nutrients ;-)

Same thing as with so many cosmetic and anti-aging products, antioxidants and stuff. No-one actually really needs them. If their nutrition is balanced and healthy, all will already be contained in their daily diet. Same for the various nutrients that your body needs to produce and metabolize other substances. Remember the Vitamin- and Mineral maniacs who may do more harm then good to their bodies on the short and the long run?!

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What I need is is some general information I can give my customers. I am selling this stuff. And reguarding it working or not, tens of thousands of metric tons are used in agriculture in asian countries every year so it must do something or elst there would not be such a huge market for it over there.

This product is used a lot in hydroponics also hens the reason I posted it in the hydroponics section. As you know, water has no nutrients in it.

Furthermore, Fulvic acid is considered the miracle of minerals because it not only affects plants it affects us. Before commercial farming depleted nutrients from the soil, fulvic acid was abundant in the foods consumed by humans. The introduction of NPK fertilizers, for the production of super crops and the overuse of land has left the soil void of this vital mineral. The natural ingestion of plant based fulvic acid in the human diet has decreased to a minimal amount. Many natural health care practitioners are recommending fulvic acid to patients as an immune system booster, detoxifier and to help with the absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods.
The agricultural benefits of fulvic acids have enormous potential to heal soils of the world and neutralize radioactive and toxic wastes. It also decreases the need for antibiotic use in feed lot animals and birds, increasing healthy growth.
This miracle molecule, fulvic acid passes through plants cell walls with ease. Fulvic acid acts as a claw or chelating agent attaching to minerals that would otherwise be rendered useless to plants. Essential nutrients and vitamins, which plants may not be able to assimilate easily, will piggyback on the fulvic acid to be transported to all cells that need them. This miracle molecule has incredible potential when used for soil enrichment, in hydroponic applications and as a foliar spray.

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I was curious about your exact intentions - that's why I was teasing the motivation a bit out of you ;-)

I haven't said anything about the agricultural use and benefits so far, nor contested it. Any yet, I still can't find any clue in the "sales argumentation" you gave, that points to any scientific proof when used with hydroponics. I don't fall for any rhetorical sales arguments easily - not good enough as I am a businessman myself and a bloody sceptic on top of that.

Never mind and good luck with the sales anyways, 11 lbs, that sounds like industrial level... ;-)

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