Nutrients For Hydroponics

torch55March 11, 2006

Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me re source for Hydroponic Nutrients in the Philippines? I really hope so... I wanted to mix my own but unfortunately Chemicals such as the ones listed below are hard to find here in the Philippines because they may be used to make bombs... If anyone can provide me the information as to where I can get them legally I would greatly appreciate it!

Monopotassium phosphate

Potassium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

Magnesium sulfate


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Hi Jimr007,
Thanks for the info, your site is very eductional! You gave me quite a number of ideas, I appreciate your help! Re getting nutrients from Hong Kong, out of the question. Too much requirements to go thru to be able to get a permit to buy Potassium Nitrate, not worth it...
I was able to get intouch with Allied Botanical here in the Philippines and they sugested Peters Hydrosol.
I am pasting their Formulation bellow and I would like to know your opinion about it...

Hydrosol Leaf Lettuce Nutrient Formulation

Material: Grams of Material/100 liters of water

Peters Hydrosol 96.00g
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) 10.00g
Ferrous Sulfate 2.00g
Peters Calcium Nitrate 96.00g

Nutrients ppm of Nutrients acheived

Nitrogen 200.00
Phosphorus 48.00
Potassium 210.00
Calcium 193.00
Magnesium 40.00
Sodium 3.60
Sulfur 53.50
Boron 0.50
Chloride 0.04
Copper 0.15
Iron 5.00
Manganese 0.50
Molybdenum 0.10
Zinc 0.15

E C millimhos/cm 2.14

Mixing Direction


From the 100 liters of water, obtain three (3) separate liters of water. Dissolve the Hydrosol 5 -11-26 completely in one liter then pour it in the 100-liter tank.
Dissolve Magnesium Sulfate and Ferrous Sulfate completely in the other liter and then pour in the tank.
Lastly, dissolve the Peters Calcium Nitrate 15.5 - 0- 0 completely in the other liter and pour in the tank.
IMPORTANT - Make sure that the first nutrient (i.e. Hydrosol) is completely dissolved in the nutrient tank before pouring the next nutrient. Please note that when the sulfate containing compound (MgSO4 and FeSO4) is not completely dissolve, it will react with Calcium Nitrate forming a white precipitate Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4) or more popularly known as "Gypsum".

Since you've been into Hydroponics, I assume, for sometime now, your input would be greatly appreciated

Thanks and Cheers to you as well!

torch 55

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tailwheel(z9 CALIF)

To: Torch55,

It seems to me that Peters nutrients was sold many years ago to another company and the hydrosol formula was discontinued. My memory is kind of dim cuz I did'nt pay much attention at the time. In any event, I'm sure it's no longer available here in the USA.

I just returned to this forum from an absence of a couple of years and I recall many questions about lettuce nutrients from the PI. It seems to be a popular avocation for many prople there.

It also seems to me that it could be a possible business opportunity to have your formulation compounded and import to the islands for distribution and sales. I'm retired now, but if you have interest, I can give you a source for the compounds and you could possible get the calcium nitrate there as well. Email me at


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hi torch. I am in the philippines, im in cebu particulary. Im Starting my hyrophonics set up. I have all the chemicals you need. Including the equipment pH, conductivity, even the aggregates especially rockwool.
Im planning to showcase my hydrophonics in a public park. If your interested to buy chemicals from me. My office number (032) 345-2383 fax number (032) 348-2871. Cell # 0919-8478260


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You probably might have by passed a response I gave you earlier in connection with your question about the address of Noble Mercantile. They have a wide range of chemicals for agriculture. They just might have what you are looking for. Here is the address again.

8580A Cruz Compound, Dr. A. Santos Avenue
Bgy. San Isidro, Paranaque City 1700
Telefax (632)8298144
Tel No. (632) 5419418 (632) 5419419
Mr. Hernani B. Lopez (Nany) is the Manager.

Check with them.

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Hi edurink,
Thanks for the follow up, I appreciate it! Infact I did not bypass it, I even bought Chelated Iron from them... But it's a good thing you gave me their address, they do have Potasium Nitrate and Amonium Nitrate as well! That solves my problem.

Once again thanks for being helpfull, it's good to have friends like you.

Best Regards


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You are welcome. Glad to help.


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you could always try aquaponics and use fish waste

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Care must be taken when choosing nutrient mixes. A wrong choice may spell a crisis. The link below tells why.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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you could always try aquaponics and use fish waste

The only aquaponic setup I have ever seen was in Fla. The guy was raising talapia on one end and raising tomatos on the other end with common water for both.

Worst tomatos I have ever seen.

I asked him about nutrient levels as the tomatos were so lousy and he said he had no idea about the nutrients required.

I did some further research and found that nutrient concentrations required by tomatos would kill the talapia.

I think that aquaponics systems can work, but that they are much more complicated than they appear, requiring filtration and complicated controls. This is not a simple system.

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someone should tell that to my university before they shell out the $5000 they are going to give me for some research im doing in aquaponics.

i dont know where you got your infor buts wrong. And like you said youve only seen one setup and it was run by someone who had no clue,were you surprised to see crappy results? i hope not, but basing an opinion on one guy is funny.

go to uvi aquaponics page or aquaponics journal or any of the other 1000's of sites that grow tomatoes and other fruiting plants in aquaponic setups.

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To our friends in the Philippines... consider using coconut coir as your medium... much of it is produced in your region of the world and it should be readily available and inexpensive. Also, check out the link covers an easy feeding plan for beginners that you could probably use without having to purchase an expensive TDS meter and Ph meter right away...

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponic feeding the easy way

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Coco is definitely a good idea if you live in an area that produces it, since it's usually considered a waste product. They sell some but the vast majority is just piled up in "coco mountains" and left to slowly rot. And it soaks up the nutrients in hydroponics systems and holds them for the roots to drink up, it's practically a perfect medium.

I've used it with Advanced Nutrient's Monkey Juice, which is specially formulated for coco coir and it's great stuff.

By the way how easy is it to find nutrients for hydroponics in the Philippines these days?

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I am using Peters Hydrosol, and have just trialed Krystalon brown for my hydroponic strawberries grown in cocopeat and run to waste.. everything is growing o.k. except the strawberries taste sour.. my receipe for a 4000litre nutrient tank is..2.5 kilos of hydrosol(or krystalon brown both very simular) 2kilo of calcium nitrate, 2 kilo potassium nitrate and 3 kilo of magnesium sulfate plus about 20 grams of iorn chelate.. these are all mixede sep/ and added to nut tank..does anyone have a better receipe that may sweeten my strawberries please.

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where can i buy the ingredents to mix my own Hydoponics formula in the New Hampshire area of the United states ?

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I'm interested in Growing Tomatoes & Eggplants Commercially. Hopefully the cheapest possible investment in terms of housing, growing media, nutrients. Appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks

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