organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)March 17, 2009

I just finished my first deep water culture system and am planning on moving one of my Habanero plants into it but what I need to know is what does everyone recommend for nutrients for my peppers, I'll be buying the nutrients either this week or next.

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I've had mixed success growing peppers hydroponically. another member suggested only using the micro and bloom parts of general hydroponics 3 part flora system.

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General Hydroponics is great. You could use the Flora nova bloom but it leaves residue which may require more work cleaning your tank and airstone. The Flora series is cleaner and works great too. You can probably go with just micro and bloom in a 1:2 ratio. Use a much lower strength than the bottle says and work up from there. Also watch your PH, your peppers will die if it's not kept around 6.

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They're right, peppers can be a bit tricky. Find a good quality nutrient designed for blooming phase - basically you want a small N in the NPK and much higher PK numbers. I've used a 10-30-20 before and that was too much nitrogen for them.

It depends on what kind of peppers you're growing but you definitely want to avoid very much nitrogen at all.

I use Advanced Nutrients now, I find that quality is especially important in hydroponic applications.

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organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)

thanks for the advice, so far its been about three days since its been in my system and so far so good nice dark green leaves. I put a Habanero White in it

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Good to hear, if you've got any questions or have any trouble don't hesitate to ask.

Best of luck!

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organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)

It looked like it was dieing yesterday so I unplugged the air pump and now looks better. I havent been able to get the nutrients yet, unfortunatly. How long will it live on just water unless theres something else I could add to the water until I can get nutrient? I have "Seaboost" seaweed extract, bat guano and other powder plant foods. I dont know what I should do, it could be a couple more weeks until I can get in to get it.

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You probably need to lower the PH with something because plain water will kill them. You can get test strips or indicator solution, but a cheap digital meter will work better. Then you will probably need some hydroponic PH down, but citric acid could work for a short time. I would recommend getting a PH test kit ASAP, adjust to 6.0 and plugging the air pump back in. The very smallest amount of seaboost or some powdered fert could give them something until you get a proper nutrient.

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organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)

I have a aquarium water test kit but I use it to test my tap water before filling my aquarium and my bucket. Every test I done with that its always 6.0 to 6.5

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That should be fine. I wouldn't recommend shutting the air off. Aeration is all that stands between your plants and death. You need to make sure your microbial herd stays aerobic rather than anaerobic.

Nasty, foul smelling and plant killing things happen if you don't aerate.

I'd say your problem is largely nutrient-related. Find something with almost no nitrogen.

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