mosquito vac

jacobs(4a ne iowa)May 14, 2003

I posted this question on another forum also but since we have an Iowa forum,-- Has anyone had experienc or heard reports how effective the mosquito vacuum is?

They are sold by Sam's Club just under $400 and use propane, scent, and a vacuum to trap mosquitoes.

I know it"s not a "Green" solution but with the West nile virus here it would be better than the alternative.

They are supposed to keep one acre clear and need servic only every 3 weeks.

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Baumer(z5 Ia)

Haven't heard of them. We give our animal dogs,turkeys, and pigeons a little bit of cider vinegar in their water. Keeps skeeters and gnats from biting them. And with all the rain we're getting. Will have them around this year.

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Another product I saw advertised for the first time is "Mosquito-B-Gone," which can be sprayed in the yard.


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Friend has one that says is really wipes out those mosquito's. Works on same idea as Mosquito Magnet. This is a fairly new product though and is cheaper than the M.M. I'm thinking of getting one myself, the SV-27 is $339 good for 1 acre, free shipping. I just started investigating today, found good site here:

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dhaven(z5 IA)

I'd be hesitant to buy anything that claims to attract mosquitos with scent--the only thing that draws them is the carbon monoxide that's exhaled when you breathe. They aren't attracted to odors at all. Wish they were--I swear they are hungrier this year than I've ever seen them before--and I grew up in Minnesota, where the mosquito is the unofficial state bird!

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This first batch of Mosquitos are always the worst. Seems like after this bunch they settle down a bit.. I'm still wearing deet, tho..

IA Z5a
ps. West Nile has been detected in Linn County again..

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I purchased a SkeeterVac two years ago. It worked great for one season. It caught more mosquitoes than I could count and we had a pleasant experience in the back yard for that hot Texas summer. But for $300, you would expect the product will work for more than one season. Don't waste your time trying to repair them. Instead, you buy a refurbished unit for half the price and they take your old one. The propane tanks add up because they last 3 weeks. I found this blog because I am looking for one that lasts for years instead of just one season. Before you buy one, make sure to read the reviews.

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