Are these plants at the my new house hydrangeas?

Danajean37(6)May 13, 2011

Since I don't know how to post pictures on this forum, you are going to have to trust my description. I have two potted mophead hydrangeas that are growing beautifully. I have 4 plants in the ground at my new home that I hope are hydrangeas. The leaves look nearly identical to those of my potted ones. The new stems growing from the ground are speckled like the new growth on my potted ones as well. BUT, my potted plants are growing from one central old wood stem. The plants in the ground are alot of separate old stems, with new buds coming out on them. There are also new stems coming directly from the ground, and some budding off old stems. In other words, there is no central old wood stem in the ground. Can anyone tell me if it is possible that my plants in the ground are hydrangeas, even though there is no central old wood stem?

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I think so! Congratulations!!!

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msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))

Hi Danajean,
It looks like a Hydrangea to me. My neigbor has one that looks exactly like this. It's gets bigger every year; however it never has any blooms. We are not sure if it's because it's right under the springler head and gets too much water or if it's because it's under a huge pine tree and gets too much shade.

do you see any blooms on yours? Good luck with it and post pics once it blooms!

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Since hydrangeas are suckering shrubs, producing multiple stems from the root crown, the ones in the ground look exactly as they should. It is very unusual for a hydrangea to have a single woody trunk :-) I'd guess only because they are still very young plants and in a container - established in the ground they will eventually look just like the others.

Mophead hydrangeas in your climate will require winter protection to ensure the viability of latent flower buds. The vast majority of these bloom on the previous season's growth - pruning and cold damage can impair or eliminate flowering. I'd not expect much in the way of flowering from those in the ground - first, because they have been pruned badly and second because they were likely exposed to winter cold that would have killed off flower buds.

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