David Austin Roses

LeslieL(z5a IA)May 11, 2004

At Wal Mart in Coralville! I have to say I just couldn't resist. They were only nine dollars. How could I not? I bought five.... I'll report back next spring and let everyone know how they wintered over.


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jamlover(z4 Iowa)

Which ones did you get. I've been wondering which Austins are best for Iowa. jamlover

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

Well, I picked out three. Pat Austin, Noble something or other, and an unfortunate choice of a hot pink one that happens to say RIGHT ON THE POT that it tends towards black spot in humid weather. Humid weather...sounds like Iowa in the summer, doesn't it? I have been experimenting with some "English" roses around my yard and have been fairly sucessful. I am trying to branch out a little and see if I can expand my rose repretoire, so will report back next year and let you know how the David Austins are doing. I have also ordered Evelyn from Jungs, another great David Austin. Hopefully I will have a wide variety of the DAs to recommend.

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

lowes has awsome j&p roses.like purple white called tiger stripe. and a red an whit called 4th of july and just some pretty colors we have also 50 of some carpet roses which will do just fine if bought planted and some rose food.thats one edge of coralville. Dessa

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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)


I've been growing David Austen roses for nearly 15 years, now--previously in South Central Iowa, and now in NW Iowa--and have a few absolute favorites (little blackspot, winter hardy, etc.) Mary Rose is stupendous: early bloom, heavy bloom, and reliably repeating. Cottage Rose is an irresistable baby pink, and--although not quite as abundant as Mary, can almost be covered in blooms in June--and the Austin rose which seems to ADORE Iowa's heat and humidity--mine grew nearly 10 feet tall last summer!--is the incomparable Graham Thomas, a rich, buttery yellow. I've got about 30 rosebushes, and gradually--as the less reliable, maddening hybrid teas die (they always do!) I'm shifting almost exclusively to David Austin or Old Fashioned roses.

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primitive(S.E. Ia. zone 5)

David Austin roses, the only rose for me. Short lived as cut flowers in a vase, but they are great in the beds. My favorite is Sharifa-Asma. www.davidaustinroses.com --- primitive, CR, Ia. z 4,5

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

Thanks for all the advice! I am going back out now to look for Graham Thomas! And Maybe a Sharifa Asma....
Loved your pics Soo Bee!

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We have been growing David Austin roses in our garden for 7 years. These are the varieties we grow:
Abraham Darby- nice fragrance, and may be grown as a climber
L.D. Braithwaite-this rose bloomed all through the drought without being watered, and has a very strong fragrance
The Prince
Tradescant-this rose reminds me of roses that my grandmother used to grow

The only thing about David Austins that I dont like is they tend to flop easily, so you do have to tie them up or plant close and then they get black spot, but tea roses always get black spot also.
We do mulch ours during the winter with partly finished compost, feed with a 3 in 1 rose food, that has fertilizer, fungicide and something for bugs also.

We are now buying more shrub roses, Bonica, John Cabot, Johnn Davis a climber.

I can know smell the frgarance as I type because I have a few in a vase next to the computer, wonderful fragrance for a hot summer day!~

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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

Loved your pics Soo Bee! >>

Thanks! :-) I'm happy to report that MOST of my roses survived being dug up last October, "heeled in" in my parents' backyard in SUX over the winter, and moved here and transplanted this spring. I lost all the hybrid teas (duh) but only one David Austen (a weakish 'Pilgrim') and one antique (a musk). I'm still mourning my giant Constance Spry and old Albas that were too big to move, though.

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mkeilers(z4 IA)

I've missed my North Carolina's ability to grow any rose but have found some solutions to having pretty much whatever I want here. I have my Joseph's Coat potted indoors on my porch but with most of my roses, I put a square made of burlap and 3x4 posts around them (they are too big for the cones) and put compost about 3\4 of the way up. I then put leaves up to the top. All winter long, I mound as much snow as possible on top and around them. It keeps them well watered and dormant until spring. Since I have started this, I have not lost one rose although all my teas are now indoors. I LOVE roses so am so glad someone finally showed me this method. HTH, Mindy

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