Tiny purple stemmed tomato seedlings - is there hope?

Skigirlf9(6)May 26, 2014

I am a first time box gardener. I started all of my tomatoes March 30th in organic starting mix for transplanting this Memorial Day weekend. They seemed to have started out ok. They got leaves quickly. Then I believe I should have repotted then but got sick for almost a month and I did not. The stems and leaves of all the seedlings turned purple. I fertilized 5 days ago with Neptune's Harvest fish and seaweed fertilizer and the seedlings seemed to have a growth spurt but not too much and the color is still purple. They are between 3-4 inches tall. I hardened them off and popped them into the beds yesterday. I planted the stem down into the soil because I read that is good for strong rooting. Can my plants come back from their small and purple state now that the are in the bed? I was thinking about fertilizing again in a few days. I would like to buy seedlings from the garden store if these don't seem salvageable but I'm just not sure and I would hate to have wasted the effort. Any easy tips would be appreciated.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

How are they doing? I'm in central Nebraska and our tomatoes out here are slow taking off. It's been so cool. Only 3 of my plants are even blooming. I know the last 2 days of hot weather perked them up although it didn't do much for me!

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