Anyone in the IC area want to go in on a wood chipper?

karenreiMay 21, 2009

We've got a bunch of dead branches in our yard, and we were thinking it'd be nice to rent a wood chipper to clear them out and get mulch in return. However, when we called up the only place in town, they said the price was going to be $100 plus extra if you can't haul it yourself (we can't)! That's obviously way too much. But we wouldn't need it for anywhere near an hour, either (and the fee to rent it all day wasn't that much more than the hourly fee).

Would anyone else like to go in on renting a woodchipper? I've found one other person already. I figure if we could get at least two or three more it'd be affordable. The policy would be, you chip it, you get to keep the mulch.

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