Hostas bitten by frost in zone 5

paula.rMay 3, 2012

Hi Hosta friends, I am new here and would like as much advice as possible. My hostas were bit pretty badly. I had a Komodo Dragon up about 18 inches and Aureo Marginata Montana , June and Lakeside Shoremaster. All were looking lush and bigger than ever, and I woke up to them lying on top of the mulch Sunday morning. I am totally devastated! They are all brown now. What can I do to get new growth asap? Thanks in advance for help!

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You could try watering them with a compost tea for some extra nutrients. But I would really just keep them watered and protect them from further frost with upside down pots if the weather gets too cold again.

Once the leaves are completely dead, you can cut off the old ones.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hi paula ... welcome to GW ...

you said: I am totally devastated!

GET OVER IT ... lol .. not much help??

let me put it in perspective for you ...

i have around 1500 hosta.. all different..

i would guess ... that about 1000 of them are frost bitten this spring ...

so i ask .. what are you devastated about???

leave them be.. we dont 'feed' stressed plants ... give them about a month... at that time.. go remove a few of the worst affected leaves.. and you will be surprised how good they look ...


ps: and pray the frosts arent followed by hail storms ...

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Remove all the dead leaves. If a leaf is still, green even though it's distorted, leave it on the plant. As long as they are green they are producing food for the plant. They will grow back this year although the leaves will be smaller.

Now go out and buy yourself some beautiful new Hosta (or two) that you want and put it in a prime spot where you can enjoy it while waiting for the others to recover. Try Cathedral Windows or Dancing Queen (in full sun). You will really like those two.


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jan_on zone 5b

I'm with Steve -- the solution is obviously more hostas.

Sorry Ken wasn't more supportive -- you might quip back to him that although he has 1000 frost bitten plants, the math says he has 500 that AREN'T!!!!!

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