Best strawberry plant for hydroponics

sparente(7)March 5, 2012

I will attempt to grow strawberries using hydroponics this summer. What in your opinion is the best variety for hydroponic systems. Should I buy the bare root plants or plants in soil and then wash off the soil and plant?. I want to pick the strawberries this summer and not wait till the next year. Also what is the best hydroponic method to use; NFT, DWC or aeroponics. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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If you want to grow indoor, you can consider to use led lighting.

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I dont' think that any one variety will do better in hydroponics then another one. When I chose mine I made my choice on duration of fruiting, sweetness, and level of heat tollerant. There are several videos on youtube if you look. I will be using the bareroot ones and planting in a verticle 8" pvc pipe with a drip system. My system will be outside.

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I grow my strawberries in the hydro-stacker system. I have tried a lot of verities the past 5 years and the ones that produce the best for me are Albion and Seascape. Tribute are good too but smaller. last year I tried the new Monterrey. I loved the size of them but I had a rot problem with them. I'm not going to give up I'm going try them again soon. Albion by far is the best of them all. Stay away from the juneberies. they will not grow during the summer. you need day neutral strawberries.

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'Stay away from the juneberies. they will not grow during the summer. you need day neutral strawberries.' So Ray4852 are you saying that juneberies won't produce well or just that they'll only produce in June and not the remainder of the summer? I'm only interested in producing for a short period of time.

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June and day neutral are different from each other. June berries are good for one heavy croup only. day neutrals produce from late June to the first frost. if you only want one croup go with the June berries. I like the day neutrals because I get more berries and they can produce up to 3 croup's for me if I get the weather. I'm in zone 5 southern NY state. I buy new plants every year. I cut off all runners and let the mother plant produce till I get a frost. When I'm done picking I pull out the plants and get rid of them. I tried growing a few June berries in my pots but they didn't produce like the day neutrals. The best day neutrals come from California.

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I'd love to get some strawberries going myself. I'm curious about how others are feeding them; so far my sources really haven't done well in terms of specifics (EC/TDS, NPK, etc.) and I've evidently looked in all of the wrong places to try to find it. Are they heavy feeders or light ones? Also, do you get the best results using a general growth formula for the duration, or is it better to switch to a fruiting or flowering nutrient solution when blooms start appearing?

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look around This page. it discusses nutrient concentration for strawberries. And is otherwise enlightening also.

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That's perfect! Actually, it's a lot more information than I'd hoped to find, and brought up some considerations that I hadn't thought of. I really appreciate it! :-)

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No problem. Hope it works out for you.

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