Brrr! Is it Spring Yet?

iowa50126(z5IA)May 12, 2006

Well, it's 12 May 2006 and it's only 44F here in Iowa Falls. It's rained all day and the weather forecast is for "more of the same". It feels like March outside.

My bags of mulch are stacked by the garage and my flats annuals are IN the garage...and I'm stuck in the house. I'd like to spend the weekend playing in the dirt...

Oh well, complaining about the weather in Iowa is a long standing tradition...and I now feel a whole lot better now that I've vented my frustrations over the nasty weather.

Pete in IF ;-)

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Hi Pete ~

I am in Eldora, and I WANT TO PLAY IN THE DIRT!!!! We are forecasted for 6 more days of this! What hapened to those warm days in April? I think May and April got themselves confused with each other. Sure wish Ol' Man Rain would take his nap, LoL.

Hey, might you be interested in a local trade sometime? It sure would be nice to meet a local gardener :-).

Are you going to the Moris swap next month? This will be my 2nd year. I am looking so forward to it. Hope it quits raining long enough for me to get the plants dug and potted!

Wishing upon you sunny skies neighbor,
Tina in Eldora

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