Boxwoods and Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas...

fletchcccMay 19, 2011

I bought a new house on a golf course with a great view. The only issue is that the idiotic Utility companies (all lines are burried) placed their access boxes in the dead center of the back property line. Thus, the previous owner planted a couple of Yew bushes there blocking the view. One of the Yews died and is brown. I also don't really like Yew bushes.

To paint you a picture, I have about 150 linear feet of property line on the course and the view is unobstructed other than this bush.

My plan is to pull up the Yew bushes, plant some mature boxwoods to block the view of the electrical boxes (they are about 3-4 feet high and only about 3 feet wide) and then plant 3-5 Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas in front of the boxwods...

The purpose of the boxwoods would be to provide a screen in the winter time. Theoretically, in the blooming months, the Hydrangeas would prevent you from even seeing the boxwoods...

Phew..... SO! What are your thoughts on this?? boxwoods behind the Hydrangeas pruned narrowly? I have five (5) 5 gallon Hydrangeas on hold at the local Nursery here...

Something like this:

-=property line

B=proposed boxwoods






or add the other 2 H's flanking the 4 B's in the middle row... Too much? I think 3 may be enough...

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Well, that spacing didn't work in my model.
Imagine the BBBBs and the HHH's moved over right below the BIIB

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

In theory, mature VS's have upright growth habit and shouldn't "fan out" too much. If yours are mature enough the stems should grow out a few feet and then almost straight up, and should not flop with blooms, as opposed to younger ones. You're lucky to have found these in the first place - no one can seem to, let alone in 5-gal sizes!

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