Skunk.....tried a search, but.............

tracerracer(z7OR)February 2, 2008

I posted this in the wildlife forum, just decided to flock shoot (pardon my pun) Tried searching it, but that seems to be having a personality disorder of some kind, every file seems to be missing......

Yesterday morning about 5:30, I was online and heard a scuffle on my back porch. We have an outside kitty (came w/ the house can't beat her hard enough to get her to live inside, nice older cat, Angel) (Yes, she's spayed and no, she doesn't hunt, long story) We do have a problem w/ 'dumped' and hence multi-generational feral cats. Thinkin' that one was staring to beat up on Angel, I turned on my porch light, jerked open my door to scare the stray off...........To my horror....I found myself about 4' from a skunk who promptly jumped off the porch and sashayed under my house.......Yes, there is an opening, yes I spoke w/my DH multiple times......needless to say, it will now be taken care of, thought it had, anyway.........What is an effective way to move this (lookin' very well fed) skunk along? I've heard about mothballs, do they work and do I need to buy out the 2 nearest hardware stores? What surprised me is the lack of smell...Maybe it's young, no mistake that it is a skunk, just no noticeable smell.........

What time of yr do they generally have babies in southern Oregon? I'm thinkin' I'm on short time (if this is a female) Although I was lookin @ the tail end of it, I didn't take time to register male or female, silly me........

I don't really want to shoot it (I've witnessed some disastrous results of that, and it was a clean kill)

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First using moth balls in the manner you are describing is illegal, a violation of federal law. The active ingrediant in moth balls is a class one carcinogen so handling them strictly by the directions on the package is esential.
The best way to keep the skunk, or any other critter, from taking up residence under your house is to plug any access points while they are out, or better before they decide to try cohabitating with you.

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Thanks, I didn't know that about mothballs. Try to avoid those stinky things at all cost. I'm just gonna have to figure out to stay up and 'close' the door behind it..........Don't 'spose they start touring @ 8:00 pm. I'm generally in bed no later than 9 (up @ 4:30-5:00) Not real happy w/ DH right now...........

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solving problems with skunks

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