Isoproply Rubbing Alcohol for Pest Control...?

azee_2009March 17, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Plz infomr:

1: If Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%-99% that is used your pest control & the Surgical Spirit are one & the same thing?

2: If it can be used on Mealy Bugs successfully & if so how & with what consentrations?

Detailed reply with experiences will be highly appriciated.

Prior Thanks

Take care


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I believed someone would take care of this thread earlier... but apparently..

You have basically two types of alcohol: Methanol (CH3OH and) Ethanol (C2H5OH). The pragmatical difference is, that Methanol is suited for human consumption while ethanol is rather toxic. Most Metahanol products are taxed and expensive (except moon shine) while the ethanol pendant (as it can't be consumed, except by some disturbed lunatic) is used as a fuel and hence inexpensive.

In some cases you have got methanol that has got additives to make it undrinkable/unpalatable as well.

Both (or any) are considered and used as strong and effective disinfectants in high concentration or percentage. So you can use both but probaly would use the much cheaper ethanol for your purpose.

Haven't heard of the use for pest control so far, so this is your call.

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Hi Azee, alcohol sprays are good as organic garden pest control especially when used against aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs. So if you are using rubbing alcohol spray, just use the 70% isopropyl type. You can mix one quart of water with one to two cups of alcohol and do not spray your plants with undiluted alcohol. :)

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I haven't tried this yet and I am also the one who is affected by these pests once upon a time and now I had found a solution with the help of stoppestinfo.

Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

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