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pcola27March 12, 2010

Greetings all,

And thanks for this forum. I have been reading it all morning and it is wonderful! I am dipping my toes into hydroponics and have choosen the bato bucket system. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. I have purchased 2 resevoirs rubbermain rough totes 35 gal each. I have two because my learning determined I need different nutrient for greens vs veggies. Is that true? I plan on 8 buckets and yes we are making the system ourselves! We plan to put it in out screen room in Fl that faces south east. Do screens affect sunlight?

Sorry so many questions. I am hoping to plant lettuce, 2 types, tomatoes, red peppers, jalpenos, snow peas, asapargus, and various herbs in one bucket. Am I planning ok to far? Are any compatible for one resevoir or another? I am leaning towards hydroton for the containers, any better ideas? I also purchased how to hydroponic by Keith Roberto, great book by the way.

The information I have read on this forum has been very knowledgable and helpful! Thanks again.

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Yes greens and veggies take different amounts of nutrients. The greens will need more nitrogen, while the veggies will need more phosphorus and potassium.

The screen shouldn't affect the plants growth, as long as no trees are in the way. It will also help keep larger bugs out, but you will still need to watch for the smaller bugs(thrips,spider mites,ect.)

You will want to put your lettuce, peas and herbs on one reservoir and all the other veggies on the other. I'm guessing you system will be flood and drain? Hydroton works great, but since it will be outside in hot weather, I recommend mixing some coco coir in the hydroton so the medium will hold moisture longer. Otherwise, you will be flooding once or twice an hour. Hope this helps.

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Thank you urbangardenfarmer!

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