Is this leaf scorch?

Laurel6123(6)May 4, 2011

I had to get rid of my pines that provided a little shade to my hydrangea in the heat of summer. (Bark beetle...nasty bug. Pitch balls everywhere, my lawn is matted with pine needles...yeah, big mess).

It's a Endless Summer Blushing Bride plant, and planted on the south side of the house. It's early yet, and will get 30-40 degrees warmer when spring finally arrives, but my new leaves appear scorched already!

Dare I move the plant though it's already 1/3 leafed out? Or is there another issue that causes browning of hydrangea leaves (they have a reddish tinge to them, margins through centers, not dried up,just 'tanned'.)

Any thoughts or did I forget any pertinent info?

Thank you!

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stompede(z7 VA)

Is this "burning" on the leaf margins? Did it happen all at once or is it continuing to occur? There's several things that could cause the damage you are seeing. I'm skeptical on leaf scorch (via heat/sun) just based on the time of year, though it could occur if you are really dry and/or windy. Some of the early leaves on my ES get brown or black edges typically because of cold damage earlier in the spring.

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It's continuing to occur though it's been quite cool the last few days and I've kept it 'shaded' with a loose blanket of mulch.

I wonder if it's cold damage, I didn't think about that. Amatuers. Sheesh. :)

It's both on the leaf margins and a few 'whole leaves' are browned/dead. It's on a drip system, 2 gph, and I run it typically for 6 hours whenever the ground looks dry. I have pretty sandy soil (well drained is an understatment) amended with lots of organic matter (lots is relative...over the last couple years I've heaped it on).

This spring has been so cool compared to last year, and this is the second year I've had the plant so I'm far from experienced with it.

Maybe I'll just hang back and leave her alone for a few weeks and see what happens-May 1 is our "90% chance of no frost" date, so maybe it'll warm up soon.

How much sun do your ES tolerate without getting sunburnt? I'm still concerned about that come fullblown summer-I've considered planting sunflowers in front for this year to provide a little shade until my crapapple gets some size to it-maybe I'm just a fussbudget? (Does plenty of water alleviate sunburn damage? Is that a stupid question?)

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

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It does sound strange. Perhaps you can post some pictures? A shrub picture, not too far away though. Then one-or-two leaves up close topside. Another of the bottom.

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I'm having the same problem Laurel6123, and I've been trying everything. Beginning to wonder if there's some weird disease going around. I only have one hydrangea IS strange. I gave it another 2 weeks, then I am quitting, composting..


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I have the same problem. Mine happened a week after planting. I sprayed it with a fungicide. I think I got the leaves wet when I first watered it. Again... amateurs... sheesh. I wanted to make it a center piece, but I decided not to let it continue to suffer in the sun. I moved it to another location where it receives evening sun and more breeze. I have a picture of mine on another message board: "Hydrangea Danger."

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Interesting we are all having this problem. Beautiful on Wed, looks scorched on Thursday. Never had it happen before. The nights have been cooler than usual tho I am not aware of frost in our area. Nothing else is affected.

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I also wonder if it is a winter leaf injury. Leaf scorch would appear as a completely yellowish or whiteish leaf, including the leaf veins. It is also rare at this time of the year in hydrangeas because the sun is not yet strong enough. However, some of my camellia leaves can turn gold-greenish looking, especially new growth. Water does not alleviate sunscroch. You can block the sun to prevent further damage though.

Powdery Mildew would also cause some discoloration, turning the leaf sort-of brownish or purplish in large spots (you would also notice the "talc powder" look though).

Hydrangea leaves can react to insecticides and fungicides by curling and changing color. It is hard to tell which products will cause this reaction unless you test with one or two hidden leaves first.

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FWIW, mine is coming out of it-the curled leaves are still kinda funky looking, but she's growing well, and not showing signs of spiders or any kind of fungus...the purple that Luis mentioned gave me cause for thought for a moment, but I've not seen anything looking like talcum powder.

The weather is slowly warming (knock on, we'll get a hard frost tonight!) up, and we've hit 85 a time or two, and she looks better and better as the weather gets warmer. There's not a whole lot of growth involved, but we'll see. Interestingly enough, I received an older cull hydrangea from my grandmother who is a few miles away but considerably later (my roses are starting to bloom, she barely has any leaves!) and hers has no curling/browning at all.

I'll see if I can get some pictures today at lunch time and put them up-would someone be so kind as to direct me to picture posting directions? Otherwise I'll just use a photobucket link, if that's permitted.


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