Tree with white, VERY fragrant blossoms

sirmatthew(4 - Iowa)May 21, 2008

There is a tree, about 15' tall, with white flowers and intense fragrance - so much that I can smell it about 100' away. It's in a protected area, behind a fence on grove, and I have no way of getting close to see if I can identify it. I imagine there are dozens of blooming trees at this time, but I've not seen too many white ones. I wish I could get more information. I may just have to ignore the "No Trespass" sign and take a quick pic but I'd rather not have to.

Any ideas?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

even a picture with a zoom from 100 feet away would help.
Could you be smelling something else? 100 feet is a long way for a smell to travel.
Big tree? Little tree? Flowers in panicles? Like a horsechesnut? In long dripping chains like a honey locust?
You in southern Iowa? it could be a honey locust....
Linda C

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Hi Sirmatthew -
We had a most beautiful Spring that welcomed many trees, big & small to blossom so incredibly, beautifully ... whites & all shades of pinks!!! I am by no mean a tree expert but have 3 that give us white blossoms with truly lovely scents (a Pear tree, a Crabapple tree & a Vivarnum) & a young Royal Raindrop-Crabapple that just recently dropped all its mauve-pink with lovely, scented blossoms. Our whole neighborhood is so abloom it is awe-inspiring to walk or drive around!

I'm not surprised that the lovely scent reaches you from a 100ft distance. The windy days has permeated our outdoor surround with nature's lovely scent! Sadly, even beautiful scenes must end to give way to other performers to receive our ovations, right? Our old crabapple gives bright-red fruits (for each of its white flower) for the birds in Winter, Royal Raindrop bears, pea-size-plum colored, fruits for every Spring blossom it dropped ... of course, the pears, whatever my squirrel & bee dependents, leave untouched, turn into jars of lovely conserve, in September!

So, for whatever it's worth ...

"GOD warmed the world with sunshine and love ...
HE played a song of hope for all to sing ...
HE decorated Earth to look a bit like Heaven ...
And called HIS happy celebration, Spring!"
Auth. Unkn.

Take a photo of the tree (legally) &/or inquire otherwise just enjoy!
Happy Spring!!! :-)

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Were the flowers in short panicles (almost wisteria-like), and slightly off-white? If so, probably a black locust; you can smell them a block away, easy, with their very heavy, sweet perfume.You don't realize how many of them are around in scrub woods until this time of the year, when they all bloom.

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If your tree is like the one we were wondering about this spring too. Try looking up Fringe Tree. I think that might be what you were thinking of.

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Wow, I didn't know that Fringe Tree is fragrant - they are so beautiful with their creamy tips in Spring!!! Â;)

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Could it be Michelia Champaca?

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I was looking for the same thing: name of a tree with very fragrant white flowers. From the helpful answers provided, I think it's the Chinese Fringe Tree. I had never heard of it before until I saw it (more like smelled it) while taking a walk in my neighborhood. Now I have to have it!

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