'skeeters' argggghhh!

olrebel(USDA 8 (S.C.))February 4, 2003

My retirement abode is on a pond, and the mosquitoes are already out even after all the cold and the little snow. Where in the heck DO they go, to be able to survive?? Now, my question.. I saw a comment on Jerry Baker (the master gardner) page or in one of his ads from a lady who had used his "Lemon Ammonia + Lemon Dish Soap" tonic in a hose end sprayer to spray the lawn and bushes and said it kept the darn things away for quite a while! Would anyone know the correct proportion/mixture of these two items??? THANKS in advance. Ouch! Another Dang Skeeter!!

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spambdamn_rich(Sunset 16.5)

Get some Mosquito Dunks and throw them in the pond quick! These are little bicuits full of Bacillus thuringensis israelensis. These bacteria attack the mosquito larvae and they are very effective. Much better to attack the problem at the source and prevent the mosquitos from reaching adulthood in the first place.

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farmersam(z5 NE)

Stocking the pond is the best way to eliminate skeeters. Fish love the larva. Ducks are another way.


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olrebel(USDA 8 (S.C.))

Pond is full of fish, and ducks and geese too, right now. I finally did get the MIRACLE "skeeter buster" receipe, and was not told that I could not share it, so here goes: 1 Cup of lemon scented ammonia; 1/2 Cup of lemon scented dish soap ~ Fill the balance of a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer with warm water and spray the area(s) (shrubs, lawn, etc. etc.) 3 times a week, early in the day. I will give it a try. Hope some others will too, (the skeeters are REALLY bad here in S.C., out in the woods, where I live. I go out the back door, and they attack!) and let me/us know how it works!

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spambdamn_rich(Sunset 16.5)

There are also devices on the market that, unlike bug zappers, actually attract and kill mosquitoes. They use a CO2 cylinder to emit a low level of C02, which attracts mosquitoes (people and animals also emit CO2). Possibly other attractants as well. No UV light, because mosquitoes are not attracted to UV light. Apparently these can work quite well, but they aren't cheap ($400 or more). Maybe the price will come down.

Let me know if you want a URL.

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olrebel(USDA 8 (S.C.))

Thanks.. My local propane dealer sells the "skeeter zapper" thingys... I dont know if I want to pay that much, but if the lemon stuff does not work this year, I might.. (West Nile.... ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!)

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I hate skeeters. Can't believe we're already having to worry about them.
The skeeter zappers do not work in all yards (ie: ones surrounded by a hedge...like mine). I had to get a refund after 3 months of trying. The zapper got maybe one dozen skeeters. Meanwhile over 100 got me, even with repellents on. Even the bats and occassional dragonfly can't keep up with my skeeter supply.
There is a new tomato-based product that is supposed to be coming out this year. It's based on several years of research at NC State Univ. I'm hopeful, but I won't say optimistic!

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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

I used the Flowtron mosquito catcher last year. The Mosquito Magnet is the leading brand but the Flowtron is cheaper & works (according to Flowtron) on the same principle. It catches lots of mosquitos & probably did reduce the population. That said, stock up on Deet. Claims of eliminating mosquitos within a 3/4 acre area are wildly optimistic IMHO. We'll see how it goes this year.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do mosquitoes go in the winter? My father worked in Thule, Greenland back in the early 50s and had pictures of the natives up there covered in mosquitoes. Of course if he had pictures, I guess it must have been summer time, but they were still wearing full parkas. Or maybe those fuzzy things were the coating of mosquitoes.

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The reviews I've seen say that you've got to have the kind of mosquito killer that uses the vacuum to suck 'em in. Just attracting them isn't good enough. And apparently the price has come down; I saw one of these sorts the other day (Sam's maybe?) that you couldn't touch for less than $400 last year and this one was $200.

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Any results on the secret spray?????

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ducky12(2/3 AK)


This is out of "Great Green Book of Garden Secrets" by Jerry Baker...
1cup of lemon scented ammonia
1/4cup of lemon-scented dish soap
warm water

Put ammonia and dish soap in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, filling balance of the sprayer jar with warm water. Apply three times a week early in the morning or late evening. Thoughly soak any small puddles or low lying areas where misquitoes tend to gather.
I hope this helps but I haven't honestly tried it myself. Tell me of any results.

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We rub sprigs of fresh pennyroyal on our skin when we're out at dusk....works like a charm. I haven't had single bite yet. Hope this helps. >:)

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EmWyz(z9 FL)

The Mighty Mosquito Mix sounds like a great idea. I live in balmy FL and we are now in our rainy season (rains everyday at 4P for about an hour or so). The mosquitos are HORRID and eat up my 2 young children regardless of the amt of spray I put on them (my 2 y/o had bites in her scalp from the mosquitos). I would love to use this mosquito mix spray in the yard but is it going to wash off every day with the rain? I don't know how much "stickum" ammonia might have. Any suggestions?

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Van_in_NYC(z7 NYC)

Don't know about the ammonia mix -- but the question about where mosquitoes go, well, they hibernate when it is cold -- anyplace sheltered and only a little damp -- so that's why they're ready to go as soon as the weather warms slightly. Plus they breed very fast and only need a tiny puddle in which to reproduce. Dump out any and all containers with standing water more than two days.

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I live in Mosquito heaven or hell depending on what side youÂre on. My property has 2 ponds, a river and a lot of marshy area. The best way I have found to control the little bastards is using the Dunks in the standing water & river that leads to the marsh, I also use a Lentek C02 trap.

I live in close proximity to the ocean so now we are inundated with green heads, any suggestions?


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I have heard that a garlic spray will repel misquitos. I guess that you have to spray your yard about once-a-week. You can buy the garlic concentrate in large bottles--which you dilute in water, but it is expensive. Any one else have luck with this method?

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ziggy_tx(z8 Austin TX)

I went to a class on companion planting a while back. The instructor showed pictures of her beautiful gardens on 2 acres of land. They often have weddings in her gardens and she claims she can have 80 people in her yard with nobody getting bitten, while the neighbors are getting eaten alive.

She says this is because she has several strong smelling plants just to repel skeeters. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is society garlic, but there were several others.

This sounds like a good long-term solution to me.

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the_alpha_wolf_rules(z7 NC)

most mosquitoes hibernate as eggs and the edults die.

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pmoorekc(6/Kansas City)

We were on the verge of buying an expensive Mosquito Magnet, when we tried those plastic Off lanterns sold at drugstore. These cost about $7 and use a chemical soaked piece of cardboard, which smokes when heated by a candle below. Very simple, and they really work. Saw an item in this morning's paper saying the real key is smoke. The writer suggested incense sticks; says she lights several when she's out in the garden, sticking the smoking sticks into the ground near where she's working. Smudge pots were also suggested. Good luck!

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Chew a clove of raw garlic and chase it down with water. The bugs will leave you alone. I used this method once while camping when the biting no-seeums came through the mesh. I use the garlic on days when the smell doesn't matter. The mosquitoes don't come near me. It's healthy for you, too.

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I also heard of the ammonia, soap potion, looked to find some info but, all i found was questions, and useless comments, i was afraid the ammonia may ruin my flowers, finally i decided to try it anyway because the mosquito population is unbearable!... sorry to give you the bad news it doesn't work.

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