Romaine lettuce tip burn

nekbet(6)March 21, 2014

Seed 12/7/13
Germ 12/12/13
DWC 'nursery' 1/25/14
NFT channel somewhere around 2/7
Harvested today 3/21

Notice the tip burn in the picture. Rest of plant is healthy. Weighed in at 446 grams

PH has crept up some lately to around 7, but mostly 6.2-6.5. Water temp is cool, low 60's (F). Air temp is around 62-64f and humidity 40-50%.

I'm using Masterblend 4-18-38... ratio 2:2:1 for masterblend, calc nitrate, epson salt (as rec'd here, thanks!), at a concentrate to get my around 700-800ppm (on a 500 scale, so 1.4-1.6 EC).

I am thinking I should be simply using EC instead of PPM, as I think 1.4 is a little high for leafy greens..


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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

It looks good to me, congrats!

You seem to be doing everything right, even though the temperature and humidity are nice, I still wonder if the plants are getting enough ventilation when the tip burn is happening? I'd be afraid to risk cutting the CAN, if anything I'd want to bump it up, but reducing the the blend by 10% might be worth a try. I think I want a Cesar salad now ;-)

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