what kind of mums do I have & what do I do with them?

moenmitzJune 27, 2010

I bought a few potted mums about a month ago from the grocery store greenhouse. No tags or labels- I don't know if they are hardy or not. This was end of May, first part of June and they were in full bloom. I immediately planted them in a nice sunny spot, Good soil, lots of compost. Within a week or two the blooms all turned brown. The leaves look nice and green and bushy still. So, my question is- could these be hardy mums? ( I am in zone 4) Will they bloom again this fall? And what should I do with them now? Cut them back? leave them alone? Throw them in the compost heap? I appreciate your help!

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I think most mums that they sell around here are hardy. They have been forced to bloom early to be in the store. When I've planted them, the blooms turn brown and I shear them off. If they are hardy, they will stay green all summer and come back next year and bloom.

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ok, Thank you! Should I cut back the whole plant, or just the blooms? Will it bloom again this fall do you think?

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