those ladybugs

ruraljeanFebruary 9, 2005

Live in south central PA and have a mess-o-ladybugs! Don't know my zone, sorry. House is medium blue siding (which I have heard makes this worse) and very old (120 years). Have new windows and sealed everything else with RTV (clear caulk) for ALL pests. Still have a mess-o-ladybugs. Went to Sam's and wiped the place out of bay leaves and crumbled them in every sill and doorway (advice from 3 years ago). Still had a mess-o-ladybugs. Did the sugar and soap in water in every yogurt/sour cream/margarine tub I owned (advice from 2 years ago). Still had a mess-o-ladybugs. Last year out of sheer frustration I sprayed every entryway with wasp/hornet shooter spray - it was at hand and I had window dressings down to clean anyway. This helped for about 3 days (and left the aforementioned piles-o-ladybugs in the window wells and on the floors just inside the doors). Not to mention the sticky mess of the bug spray everywhere. However, since this seems to be the only thing that has even made a dent so far, I continue to use it...then...clean, clean, clean. Saw the advertisement for a 'sure-fire' cure by someone in this forum and elsewhere in the 'rid ladybugs' Google search but don't know how crazy I will have to get to spend 30 - 100 dollars for an unknown/untried/unproven answer. Haven't tried lemon candles, incense or lemon grass oil but plan to. Any and all recommendations short of putting out the cash [cheap, yeah, and I've probably already spent at least that much on wasp] gladly accepted by Thanks! ruraljean

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There is no "sure fire" cure. These Asian Lady Beetles use our houses as a winter shelter because it is the closest thing there is here to what they had in Asia. The only way to keep them from inhabiting the cavities in your walls is to seal every entry point with caulk. Spraying any kind of poison to kill them won't work since their metabolism is slowed way down for the winter and they simply do not take up that poison.

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