Is there anyway to deter bees and wasps

franni10(z10 FL)February 22, 2005


My mom and I are terribly allergic to bee and wasp stings and I was curious if there is anything we can plant outside to deter them. I know usually they are beneficial critters, but we can't afford to be stung. Also, we live by a body of water which attracts (sometimes poisonous) snakes. Is there anything we can plant to keep them away? I am new to all of this and anything you can tell me would be beneficial.

Thank you

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The only way to keep bees and waps from your yard is to eliminate from the landscape anything that will produce pollen, and then you may still have some fly through to reach your neighbors. My next door neighbor is anaphylactic and has a garden that she is out in every day all growing season with her epipen in her pocket just in case. But she has found that her fear of being stung was far greater than reallity and in 25 plus years she has not been stung even though there are bees and wasps all around her when she is outside.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree totally! There are no plants that will repell these insects. Also, the same thing is true for snakes. They come into our yards for prey. If you eliminate the habitat (lawn and landscaping) you won't have a snake problem. What a bleak prospect, however.

You can overcome your fear of snakes with some good information gathering. Gaining confidance about stinging insects when you have the danger of allergic reactions is more difficult. I've been a working professional horticulturist for over 25 years (yikes!) and have never been stung.

I used to be scared silly by wasps and bees and their kin. Now, I will spray sugar water on my arm to have them land on me and feed. If I were you, I would inspect around my home (eaves and porches) every once in awhile, to make sure that no unwanted guests are building nests....I would carry an epi-pen with me....and I would try to learn to enjoy the outdoors. Good luck.....I don't envy you at all.

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Feverfew is a daisy like flower that bees like to avoid. 'Feverfew has a quite bitter scent and taste, making it abhorrent to bees, so don't put this plant anywhere near a garden where you want bees, because they will avoid the whole area like the plague if Feverfew is present.' - WWW.GARDENSABLAZE.COM

Here is a link that might be useful: GARDENSABLAZE

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Plant Feverfew in your yard bees and wasps hate it, and as for the snakes throw Mothballs and ping pong balls out in your yard. The ping pong balls look like eggs to the snakes and they eat them and cannot digest them.

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