New to Cedar Rapids Area

mikelangfordJune 18, 2004

I'll be moving to the area early next spring and would like to know the essentials of gardening for the area; growing season, preferred vegetables, preferred starting methods (cold frame, hothouse, etc.). Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike

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Mike, where are you moving from? (place and zone)

IA Z5a

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TroySundt(z5 IA)

Cedar Rapids is a LOVELY area! The veiws of the feilds are breathtaking. Living in Mason City im sure its about the same... The soils are very fertile but slightly clayish. Not good for plants that like dryer roots like cactus. Most everything can be grown with either carelessness or very strict attention. Im pushing the limits with boston ferns in the ground. Im gonna see if theyll live through winter with very good protection... but im not getting to excited just yet. Be really creative. Iowa is a great gardening state and you will be happy to be living in that area. Some plants ive seen down there are rhodo's, alot of annuals, perrenials, ive seen a few awkword things like grounded caladiums that acually come back every year... i tried it but i failed miserably. Well if all else fails, just stick a pair of flamingos in the front yard and youll be set!

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MsStFrancis2U(z4 IA)

You will see LOTS of hostas. Also, anabelle hydrangeas are good plants to have around. Anything hardy and cold resistant (and preferably RABBIT resistant) are what I look for. Daylilies, hosta, hardy ferns like cinnamon stick or japanese painted, Lily of the Valley. I'm an amateur gardener, but I have lived through many Iowa/CR (I'm from CR originally) winters. Weeds grow very well here :) If you venture into the country, you'll notice a lot of phlox in the spring and late summer, elderberry, queen anne's lace, golden rod. If you have a chance, venture out the Mt. Vernon / Lisbon way and on further. After Lisbon, you're in the country and will come upon small towns until you get to Davenport or Dubuque. It's a very pretty ride. :)

Are you from Iowa Mike? Or are you moving from another state?

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primitive(S.E. Ia. zone 5)

Cedar Rapids has a big deer problem,and getting worse each year. You will need a 6' fence around any gardening project or the deer will wipe you out over-nite, it's really disapointment when it happens. Primitive

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