How to start hydroponics for commercial use

ravin.gjbMarch 15, 2013

Hi my name is ravin from Mauritius Island, i want to start a hydroponics growing vegetables business on a 142m square land. Anybody have any suggestion please
Thanks lot.

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Even though your climate is warm, I think you might benefit from some sort of structure to protect your plants from high winds and storm damage. You could build a greenhouse and then cover it with an appropriate shade fabric.

What I do is to allocate a specific space to an idea and try it on a small scale. Then I get to see if it works and if it produces quality food. Then I calculate the time it takes to recoup my initial investment and the profit the machine will produce per each unit of area dedicated to it.

I would recommend that you pursue deep water culture if you are growing in a hot climate. A large mass of water will help to keep your roots cool on a hot day, which is very important.

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Start small
Figure out who your customers are going to be and what they will buy
Pick one thing in demand and learn to grow it well before growing something else
Don't expect to be profitable for a few years

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I would grow lettuce or basil as they're easy to grow, have short life cycles, don't require a fruiting phase, need smaller amounts of nutrients, and give you a high value crop that people want lots of (there is a high demand).

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