With all the rain?

tannabananaJune 9, 2008

With all the rain, how are your flower and veggie gardens growing? My cucumbers are very slowly growing but so far they don't look like they'll rot. My pepper plants are just sitting there and saying "I refuse to grow!" Tomatoes are actually looking pretty good since the temps started warming. The perennials are doing okay but seem to be about 2 weeks behind schedule in blooming. My petunias look "AWESOME".....wish I would have started more than I did in the basement!

So how are your plants handling the rain?

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sueloring(zone 4)

Up here in Northwest Iowa...got 2 inches of rain last night and 1 inch over the weekend.
But I am not complaining....our garden dried out enough to till and hoe on Monday night. All our pumpkins and squash are hilled up and so last night our garden was a lake with 1500 little islands of pumpkins afloat. The water drained pretty fast but today is so muddy. I had to spray my husband's Atlantic Giant pumpkins this morning as they were covered w/cucumber beatles. I took one step into soggy garden and sunk past my ankle.
Felt like an old cow stuck in the mud. HA!
My newly planted strawberry patch also was a lake but we had bermed up the plants in rows so they also stayed above the water.
Like yours...our peppers aren't doing anything.
Tomato are slowly looking a little better.
The day I planted them we had 6o mph winds and the buckets I put around them blew off and the lil tomato plants were totally wind-whipped and looked pretty sad.
All my flowers are doing ok.
Some of my newly emerging sunflowers drowned last night and don't look like they will make it.

We were lucky though....our neighbor lost over dozen full grown trees including their lovely apple trees last night in tornado. We were standing out on deck watching weather and heard on radio there was a tornado on ground a mile away from us.
We never saw or heard it....all we got was the rain.

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Sadly, I think the gardens and plants are the least of most peoples worries here in Eastern Iowa.

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BV Elvis - I agree. We had no idea on Monday that this was even coming. Neither did my friends who are now living with us - their house is underwater. I'm hoping though, now more than ever, that my veggie garden will produce to help those who are going to need the help.

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Tanna my two favorite garden buddys both lost their homes or at least had their homes extensively damaged in Iowa City.

I offered one of them starts of plants next year. I don't think the other will rebuild where she was.

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