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tannabananaJune 27, 2006

Well, I posted a few months ago about getting our back yard hardscaped and that my veggie garden and perennials would have to wait until that was finished. Well, it's done! But they didn't finish until last week. My veggies were planted this weekend so hopefully I can get some squash, beans, and tomatos out of it this year. (oh, and I planted corn for the first time!). I would have liked to have this part done by at least the 1st of June but I guess that's how the landscaping company's schedule worked out with all the rain and their other projects (they were a class act by the way!)

Anyway, we brought in a bunch of soil amendment (compost, peat moss, & manure) and spread it around the backyard. We are still going to be getting sod this summer. We are running into a little problem though. Our soil is mostly clay and it has had a heavy Bobcat running over it for a couple of weeks off and on. Needless to say, it is really hard for the rototiller to till any of the nice amendment in! What are your thoughts? What is the best way to incorporate the amendment into our soil? Hopefully, these light rains will have softened up the soil enough that we can get the rototiller to work and not too wet as to make a big mess.

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Yea! We got it mostly tilled in. Not a perfect job but I think it will really help. On to planting!

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