Pumpkins in IL

Irvingnmylibrary(zone 5 Illinois)March 28, 2005

I live in west central IL with a 400 acre corn/bean field as my backyard. I am able to grow a few pumpkins each year but am shooting for the max-have already started seeds and have 2nd leaves-each year the flowers are bowls for little green bugs that eventually kill them - what are these nasty critters? I used to douse the flower with chemicals-what else can I do?

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gabehart(5a OH)

Sounds frustrating.
Can we have more info? How big are the bugs? Are they eating the leaves or sucking the juices out? Did chemicals work? Are the plants started indoors or out?
I hope all goes better for you. I really enjoy growing pumpkins also.

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Irvingnmylibrary(zone 5 Illinois)

Hi-thanks for the response. 1/4 inch,eating the big yellow flowers. Chemicals do work-Bug B Gon-there are a lot of the bugs - try to shhot them into the bowl shaped flower so they can swim in it-there are so many and they eat the flower until it is entirely withered. Plants started indoors-why would that matter?? I have a bunch of huge wonderful leaves in my jacuzzi room waiting for no more frost. )-: I was watching a show on the garden channel-there are people in Iowa who hollow out the big pumpkins and race them across a lake-to is with an outboard motor attached, and fro is with 2 paddles-never heard of that one! Pretty funny sight.

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