Attracting parasitic wasps for leaf miner control?

delta_charlie(Z9)March 16, 2006

Hi all, I'm trying to get a handle on leaf miners. They are really messing with my tomatoes and other garden plants.

Anybody know of ways I should look at to attract some of the Parasitic wasps (parasitoids) of the families Braconidae, Eulophidae, and Pteromalidae?

Thanks, DC

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Here is a little info on braconids I found on the web. Generally, I believe adult parisitic wasps are nectar, pollen feeders. It has a few recommended plants you could try mixing in with your garden.

"Adult Braconids feed on nectar, honeydew, or pollen before laying eggs. Dill, parsley, yarrow, zinnia, clover, alfalfa, parsley, cosmos, sunflower, and marigold are flowering crops that attract the native braconid populations and provide good habitats for them."

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Hi Ginkgonut and the group, thanks for the info. I was getting ready to plant lots of golden guardian marigolds in my fall garden bed in an effort to try and reduce the root knot nematodes in this bed. This bed is close to the spring garden that has the leaf miner problems. Maybe I can take care of two problems at the same time. The guardian marigolds are suppose to be very effective against RKN. If they help attract the wasp too how can you beat that?

Sure hope it works, DC

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I have a question about marigolds. I planted all over my garden this Spring, interspersed between all the plants. They look great, but I have not seen any insects landing on them. They land on all the other flowers, especially the ones with small petals and nectar. I wondered if is because marigolds don't have nectar or do they?

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