Lifeguard10June 27, 2013

There is a type of bamboo that grows wild in iowa. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some or if someone had some that they wouldn't mind parting with a small off shoot or something?

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You sure you want that in your garden? It's VERY aggressive, and VERY hard to get rid of. I don't know where you live; for a long time there's been a big patch of it along the river in Iowa City behind Pleasant Valley Nursery, which I assume is still there- I haven't happened to look down there for a couple of years.

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I do know how aggressive it is. I will give it a try. So would it be near that little water way that runs behind it or more towards the river?

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Is it pleasant valley nursery just out of town close to the river or pleasant valley garden center in town next to the river?

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It's the garden center, it was next to the little waterway right by the trail. As mentioned, I hadn't happened to glance down there for a couple of years to notice if it's still there (floods or construction could have removed it); but I just looked at the area on Google street view, and I don't see it; so probably gone... they must have done some clearing out and removed it. I always wondered if it was something that escaped from Pleasant Valley Nursery. Next time I'm on the Highway 6 bridge I'll check it out and if it's still there I'll repost. I have a small, bicolored foliage (yellow/green) bamboo in my garden, and it wanders everywhere and is about impossible to get rid of.

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Have never had a bamboo invasive problem in the near decade I have grown it. Weather and mower can keep it in check very easily in our climate. I could see in more southern climates where 50' shoots jumping out of the ground in a month or 2 could be a little more tricky to handle.

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rwallen1961(Iowa City, IA Zone 5)

The bamboo that was next to Iowa City Landscaping on Highway 6 is long gone. Was an old house there with the bamboo spread for the most part all over their lawn. They tore that house down and it's now a parking lot and the bamboo is all gone.

Luckily, I managed to get a piece while they were in demo mode and have it at my place in Iowa City. Trust me, it spreads and is VERY aggressive.

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