Net Pot size for Tomato/Peppers

chennemannMarch 18, 2010

I am going putting together an Aero/NFT system.

The net pots will go into a 5x5 vinyl post. I plan on using net pots with neoprene to hold the plants.

Do you recommend 3" or 3.75"? The smaller ones will make it easier next year to start plants in. The larger should help with bracing and growth.

Thanks for any feedback


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I almost exclusively use 2" net pots to grow both tomatoes and peppers in. The roots grow out of the pots so net size won't really affect its 'holding' ability. besides tomatoes are so huge you'll have to stake them anyhow.
Be sure you secure the vinyl posts as it will roll over if the plants decide to lean to the left or right too far.

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Good point on the securing of the vinyl posts to prevent rolling.

I do not have an NFT yet, but I use 3" baskets for my Toms and Peppers in a DWC setup. As mentioned above, staking is needed.

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So it sounds like 2" will be fine. The cost is half, plus it will be easier to do starters with them.

I will definitely take your advise and strap the post down.

I was going to do 4 per 8" post. But looking at Grizzman's set up, he was much closer together with his peppers.

Thanks for the help,

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Hey Chuck, check this article out. It has in depth step by step plans to build a setup like you describe. BTW, this magazine is incredible! This is off topic, but they also have a article about plasma lights. Pretty interesting stuff!

Here is a link that might be useful: build-it-yourself aero pipe garden

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My peppers were set at 8" on center.

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another goofy question from the peanut gallery.... when you say 'peppers' I assume you mean bell pepper varieties AND like spicy peppers too? Am I correct in my assumptions? They are similar enough to group them all together? I ask because I have German Green tomatoes and Cajun tabasco seeds I was going to plant together... would that be ok? Or should I go with one of my bell pepper plants instead?

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I don't know about others, but I do not lump them all together.
With "peppers" and tomatoes, you have got at least 10.000 varieties of each.

Growing tomatoes and bell peppers in one setup and with one nutrient isn't the worst you can grow together, though. Bell- and hot peppers (generally speaking) are not unlike tomatoes, best grown with high Potassium and relatively low Nitrogen formulas. Well, tall bell pepper plants are often growing fast and can use more Nitrogen than their smaller relatives. And, most hot peppers (c. chinense, c. baccatum, frutescens and pubescens are much happier with lower nutrient concentration but don't mind somewhat more Nitrogen (in respect of lower concentration) as tomatoes. PH is compatible anyways, all in all - no big deal to grow them together, as long as you follow these rules that aren't a big secret anyway. ;-)

Btw: your Cajun Tabascos should be capsicum frutescens, and in case, they grow slowly and build up quite a structure before going to blooming and fruiting stage (what you aim for in fact) - and hence they will take several month to mature and grow best with low nutrien concentration and high potassium content (as seen earlier). The good thing about them is that they are quite robust and forgiving, if treated decently...
Btw: Capsicum frutescens is what grows best here in Thailand and in this "rough" climate.

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Thanks Lucas!

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