Hydrangea, Twist & Shout

bellarosa(z4-5/IL)May 14, 2014


Is anyone in Zone 5 growing this hydrangea? I planted two of them last year in the Fall, in my Zone 5 garden. They have come back, but the growth is small and slow. I was wondering if I can expect to get any growth this year from them. If you grow this hydrangea, can you please share your experience with it? Thanks!

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH

I have it, and it has survived and bloomed, but hasn't gotten too large yet. It is just starting its third season in the garden, but it is in too much shade and I think I will need to move it to get a bit more sun. It is currently just starting to push out leaves.

In general for me both H. paniculata and H. macrophylla plants have been slow to start the first couple of years, but once they get their roots well established, they take off and grow well their third season. Almost all mine have started life as very small plants or rooted cuttings in pots of a quart size or smaller.

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For me after this winter partial die back but regrowth and loaded with buds. A star here!

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

I experienced a zone 4-5 winter and all macs were leveled. But they're regenerating. The advantage of TnS is that it's remontant (new wood bloomer/rebloomer).

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Thanks everyone for the info. I hope mine bloom. it was so pretty last year. if it does bloom, i'll try and post some pics. :-)

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Blooms well but here I can't get it to stop wilting if the sun hits it - and I'm in the dullest metropolitan area in the country. I have also noticed a local vendor displaying it in more shade than their other hydrangeas. On the other hand there is a row of it between a south-facing wall and a driveway at another property in my town.

Have never seen these wilted during numerous trips by in the car.

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