will apple or cherry trees attract rats?

everswimMarch 22, 2005

I live in Brooklyn, NY, in a neighborhood with heavy rat activity. I have just managed to evict the little monsters from my house. I can tell, however, that there are active paths and holes in my yard, so I want to continue discouraging them.

I am thinking about replacing an old apple tree in my yard (which produces neither flowers nor apples), and would like to have something flowering there, like a crabapple or cherry; but I am concerned that the rats would have a field day with the fruit. (They are Norway rats, not roof rats, so it would be the fallen fruit that they'd get after in all likelihood.)

What are people's experiences with these kinds of fruit? I know rats love citrus, but citrus isn't gonna grow in my yard anyway.

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The most common Rat in Brooklyn is the Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as sewer rats, They are stocky burrowing rodents that are much larger than the roof rats that live in the southern states that are known to feed in trees. Norway rats eat a wide variety of foods but mostly prefer cereal grains, meats, fish, nuts, They may eat some fruits. But are more likely to eat from garbage and feed on other high protein foods. And where there are other food sources available such as pet food and insects I donÂt think the fruit tree will be an issue. There are no Roof Rats in New York, If there were the tough Brooklyn Norway rats would soon kill them.I would Plant your tree and enjoy it.

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how big do roof rats get? I had a few 1+ft buggers die under the deck this year and caught a baby inside. just curious what I am dealing with =)
I currently reside in suburban Nassau County.
No I had multiple Id confirmations on the
it was RATS not possums, racoon, mice etc.
though we have all that too plus rabbits & squirrels

EVER SEE NY LIFE OF GRIME on TV? I saw the exterminators in the bronx dealing with pure HELL, I wouldn't doubt the apple tree never has a chance to flower because of pests.

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The Norway rat is easily recognizable. That is the rat that is common in Nassau County. It is a big, Fat hefty rat and is much larger than most of the other rodents in the neighborhood. Norway rats can weigh 1¼ pounds. Roof rats stay at an agile ½ pound when fully grown. Roof rats have a longer tail, pointier snout and longer ears while the Norway ratÂs tail is shorter than the length of the body. Both rats have naked tails but the Norway ratÂs tail appears as two-tone from the partially haired skin. Rats have a high reproductive capacity and can compete well against other pests for our rubbish. Rats can reproduce all year long depending on environment and food. They usually reach their peak reproduction in the fall. Both species average about eight offspring per litter. A single female rat can produce as many as 80 rats in her lifetime. Gestation and weaning of young can last about two months; baby rats can be reproductively mature within three to four months. If you do the math, rat populations can build quite rapidly in good conditions.

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