Beneficial nematodes and pre-emergent herbicides

smom40(5MO)March 20, 2005

DH wants to put a pre-emergent herbicide on our lawn in our "we don't have fences, all of the yards run together' subdivision house.

*I* want to be able to put down some beneficial nematodes in our lawn...

Will the herbicide kill the nematodes? Can they be used together? If so, is there a timing issue? And what is safe to use around kids?

If this is handled by a FAQ on another site, I'd appreciate the url. I don't have much time to research this, my DH is itching to do our lawn.

Any help would be appreciated! TIA!

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You should be able to do both. There is evidence that nematodes are tolerant to many herbicides and fungicides, although they are sensitive to certain insecticides and nematicides. Look at the label for more information. As for your use of a preemergent, most are of low toxicity, but do read the label carefully for all directives about reentry and so on. Also make sure there is a need to apply the product and that you are doing it in the right time frame for efficacy.

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Sorry it took so long to say thank you for this!

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