Limelight - Yellow Leaves

gfish49366May 30, 2006

Planted two limelights about a month ago and now they are starting to get yellow leaves. Have been watering them frequently enough. Wondering if this hot weather has made the leaves turn yellow, since it is their first year. Any suggestions or ideas to help the plants would be appreciated. Thanks!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks for posting this - I also planted a Limelight (3 gallon plant) about a month ago, and today I noticed a yellow leaf as well... I would be very interested to read the responses too.

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From the memory, couple of years ago when I planted my Limelight, I had the same problem, but never since.
I'd guess it's a stress reaction for transplanting from container to a real soil, though non of the other paniculatas responded in a such way.
Maybe it's because Limelight is slightly less sun tolerant than the other?
Just a guess, nothing scientific.

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Not sure about the sun - I thought it was one of the few Hydrangeas that you could actually plant in the sun. I think the same thing happened in my last house. Once planted the leaves turned a little yellow, but the next year they were fine and it was in full sun.

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silvergold(z5a WI)

Limelight does fine in full sun. I think it is just first year stress. Wouldn't worry about it.

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Wrong wording on my part, Limelight as a WHOLE plant is as much sun tolerant as any other paniculatas, I was thinking about flowers that will retain lime color much longer if planted where it could get a bid of shade.
Of course, this probably has nothing to do with the yellow leaves, but don't remember any yellowing on other paniculatas.

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I too just bought and planted a limelight. Actually it was just yesterday and I already notice the leaves turning yellow. I am hoping it is just the inital shock of transplanting. Here is something I read that gave me some insight...On the topic of browning/yellowing leaves on a hydrangea... You're probably watering too little. Hydrangeas like a lot of water (the prefix hydro is Greek for water). Sometimes the tips or sides of a hydrangea's leaves will appear brown. This usually happens after it has suffered a dry spell or when it goes through a period where, for whatever reason, the roots were not absorbing moisture well and then the plant suddenly gets a good watering. When cells in the leave's tips suddenly take on water, they literally swell up and burst. What you're seeing with the brown tips is actually dead plant tissue where the cells burst. This kind of browning can also happen to plants when they are initially transplanted and are suddenly given a heavy dose of water.
Hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me!

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same thing happened to me. planted limelights a week ago. yesterday moved three of them from shade to sunnier location after reading that they like sun. all 8 plants have developed yellow leaves with brown spots which i remove daily and destroy. i have watered them each day and plan to do so for two weeks. i will then water them every other day. highs in the 90's here and we have had no rain for two weeks. should i keep this watering schedule? will my hydrangeas survive the yellow leaf symdrome?

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I wish I could find the link that Ian had posted a while back, but the jist is---totally normal. The theory is that once the flowering begins the plant puts all of it's energy into flower production and the leaves turn yellow. It is something that happens when the plants are young... up the watering a bit and they will 'grow out of it' so to speak in the next year or two once they are established.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

That is my theory as joannemb stated well. I have worked in a garden nursery for over 10 years and have seen and "fielded" hundreds of inquiries about this "yellow leaf" condition that happens to young, newly planted (or potted) paniculatas..... This issue tends to disappear the following season(s) as the plant becomes established and is able to maintain flowering without having to "defoliate" itself, like it does when young and trying to produce flowers. Watering can be an issue with yellowing leaves, but I feel that it has little to do with it at flower time in this situation.


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