I gave bad EC meter advice

iliketoastMarch 15, 2008

I recently suggested that this was a good EC meter:

Unfortunately, it only reads up to 2,000 ppm. It's still awfully convenient and at $40 it's cheap, but if you are growing something like tomatoes, you need a better product.

Sorry for giving bad advice.

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I don`t see any problem with your advice, 2000ppm is enough for toms. Depending on the conversion factor it would equate to an EC of 2.8 or 4.0
Its a cheap meter for $40 :)

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2000 ppm EC is probably enough for any plant/crop. Using the standard conversion of 640 ppm/1 EC, that is 3.1 EC, at the high end for most greenhouse crops. For tomatoes, 1.7-2.9 would be the optimal range, so this meter, if accurate, would serve one well. I agree with hex, a good price for a simple meter.

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