disgusting bugs on bulb stems

meredithptown(z8 OR)March 19, 2005

Hey there I have some tiny black bugs swimming in spit ponds on the shoots coming up from the bulbs. I assume they created the spit puddles...it wasn't me. I tried hosing them off unsuccessfully any ideas? what are they are they hurting the bulbs? and what do I do organically to get rid of them?

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organic pesticides you probably
have around su casa are garlic, tobasco, and
tobacco but wait for a flower-pro
for an answer on this one,
or mix up a viscious cocktail of all
3 and hope for the best.
just my 2 pennies.

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No one should use tobacco for any reason today. Nicotene sulfate is one of the broadest spectrum poisons there is and has no place in the garden.
A sharp water stream can help control these spittle bugs, or a spray of insecticidal soap will work. Always start with the least toxic means of control once you have determined that control is even necesary. Not every bug needs to be wiped out and that is what nicotene sulfate will do.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've had good luck with commercial insecticidal soap applications. These critters can be pretty stubborn, and can outlive a strong spray of plain water.

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meredithptown(z8 OR)

Thanks for the advice~ Although I still see the nastys on the stems it looks like the flowers are going to go ahead and bloom beautifully anyway. :) I've just kept hosing the bugs/spit around them off. Must have been enough to keep the plants going, OR the insects werent doing any real harm in the first place.

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