Many Questions about new garden troubles

elphinstoneJune 22, 2007

Good Day to All,

Even though I have been gardening for years, and have the bad knees to prove it, I have recently found some new garden problems I've never seen before. I sure would appreciate some help. I have a 15 foot black gum tree, that I brought home as a seedling, never thought it would live here, but it has. It is now "in the wrong place" what are my chances of moving it? Or should I just cut it down? I was given a lovely magnolia tree last year about 5 feet tall, our 2nd ice storm in March killed it or so I thought. Last week two small leaves appeared near the bottom of the trunk, what should I do now? Cut the entire tree back to the new shoots or let it go? I tried cutting a dogwood back one time when the tip froze off and nearly killed it. Suggestions? I have 14 healthy and beautiful clematis growing on my back fence. I have one lone clematic growing on an old gate. The 14 are surrounded by bishop's weed, the lonely one I simply mulched around, it grows just fine, sets on buds and maybe a couple of them bloom and then everything wilts, dries up, and dies. The lonely one is about 5 years old and this is the first time I have ever had any trouble with it. I have checked the soil for moisture, seems to be fine, I rarely if ever need to fertilize, I have really good soil, so what is going on with this one plant?

Thanks for reading this really long message but I would be really happy if someone knows how to fix my problems.


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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

With lots of sure can transplant that gum tree....I would start now to root prune it and do it again in a month. Then get help digging it up around the root pruning line and get it into it's new site.
I would leave the magnolia and see what happens...likely nothing will...but anyhow.
The clematis likely hungry....they do eventually use up the "goodie" in the soil...feed it some alfalfa pellets....and perhaps plant something at it's base to shade the roots.
Linda C

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