Silverfish and beetle infestation! Ewww

katysanchezMarch 23, 2007

As if I hadn't had enough problems with my apartment and the management! Everyday I am killing about 3 little insects that look like tiny beetles. I find them on the kitchen floor, the windows, the bathroom, my bedroom floor and on the walls by my bed - even on my towels in the bathroom!!! They are totally grossing me out. I laid diatomaceous earth all around my bedroom wall and I find them dead out in the middle of the carpet or still alive on the wall.

The silverfish are ruining everything though. I find them in my bathtub and on the bathroom floor - daily! I don't want them to make their way into my bedroom and get to all my books and clothes. Ugh. Do you have any suggestions on what to use instead of DE since it can't get wet?

I'm worried about the summer months coming up the bugs getting even worse. Should I try sealing the crack between the floor boards and the wall in my bedroom for the little beetle things?

Thanks in advance!

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Silverfish need a moist environment, so someplace nearby you have a moist environment for them to live in, find it and dry it out and the will die off.
The "beetles" are something else and you need to properly identify them to control them. Find your local office of the USDA Cooperative Extension Service, capture one or two of the beetles and put them into a "Zip Loc" bag and take them there for proper ID and information about controls.

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