miller nutrichem 9-15-30 in DWC

happyhydroMarch 7, 2011

I have access to this water soluble nutrient from miller chemical. It has a good lineup including edta chelated minor elements. I used this for tomatoes in fruiting phase last season in a five gallon bucket recirc DWC setup. Seems like they did pretty good but being my first try and having no one to compare grows with I think maybe I could do better. The main thing I see on the analysis is the 9% nitrogen is made up of 4% ammoniacal and 5% nitrate nitrogen. Would this work well in a dwc recirculating system? Thanks in advance for the help, willyt

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My question here is whether the ammoniacal nitrogen is ok in a deep water hydroponics application? Thanks.

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If these are nutrients designed for hydroponically grown plants, I don't understand the concern about the type of system being used. If they are not for hydroponically grown plants, I still don't understand the concern about the type of hydroponic system. Regardless, they should work the same in any system. Unless they are organic, and would benefit from larger amounts of growing medium that give beneficial microbes a good place to breed and multiply, and are necessary for breaking down the organic compounds into the raw elements the plants can actually absorb. Then the type of system, and how you set it up would make a difference.

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Thank you homehydro for the speedy reply. This nutrichem is mostly used by farmers as a foliar feed.A friend sells it and lets me have it cheap. He says the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade.It is really expensive. I had read so much about not to use urea in hydro that it made me wonder if the ammoniacal was ok.Thanks.

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