gunnysackMarch 18, 2004

Mosquitoes: They are back. Last year we really didn't enjoy the yard because of them. Spray did no good. The good bugs and birds left. I don't want to spray. We don't have standing water. I have cut away underbrush and most of the ground cover. What can I do? Is there something to plant to repell them? suggestions please


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

I would think it's a tad early for mosquitoes.

But midges are out and about. And, although midges can be extremely numerous, they don't bite. Bottom line is that they're considered a nuisance for people, but an important food source for other creatures.

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I agree. Midges are often mistaken for mosquitoes. However, if you are actually being bitten.....then it is not midges. Removal of groundcover and undergrowth have eliminated insects and birds.

Check your neighborhood for standing water. Could be ponds, golf course lagoons, drainage ditches,etc. Larvacides are the best method of control in those situations. Also, leaf filled gutters, tree holes, bird baths, plant saucers, and other hidden sources of stagnant water create mosquito habitat. Spray your clothes liberally with a repellant before you go outside.

There are no plants that have been proven to be mosquito repellers, that I know of. There are plenty that are ADVERTISED as such but they do not work.

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pmoorekc(6/Kansas City)

We have found Off mosquito lanterns help. They put out smoke, which may be the main deterrent. A columnist in this morning's paper said she uses incense sticks, which also smoke. Says they work like a charm.

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Build a screen porch. What a relief and you can stay outdoors till all hours and hear the owls hoot.

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