mbug_gwMay 19, 2012

I got a first Frost seedling via ebay. not what I was expecting. I didn't read closely enough. It came bare root and I placed in 3" pot. Photo makes it looks bigger...only about 2" tall. How long should I expect to keep it potted?

Also I'm confused-RE:slug it 10% vinegar and ammonia or one or the other? Do you have to spray slugs directly or spray the leaves?

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I read that ammonia is preferred as the plant can use it for nitrogen. It is a 1:10 solution, 1 part ammonia to 9 parts water. You spray it on the stems and ground and it is a direct contact kill so I guess you water the ground in the evening, wait till dark then kill the little buggers.

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thanks for the explanation

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I would keep the plant in the pot the entire season. Let it die back in the fall and plant in soil next season after it emerges and leafs out.

I have learned the hard way that hosta do best if you allow them to acclimate to the new environment in a pot. I have even gone so far at to plant pots if the plant is nice sized and I have a space to fill.

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Thank you!!

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