Aloe Bonesii problem - Help!!!

Kiwicooldaddy(New Zealand)April 30, 2005

I just aquired an Aloe banesii plant of about 2 meters tall. I have always wanted one of these. It had to be dug out from its original home. Shock horror! - the transport people damaged some of the roots, mostly on their delicate tips. Also when it arrived it already had this massive black spots on them, but the plant seemed very healthy otherwise. I transplanted it in very large (1m x 1m x1m) box specially made for this little beauty. I Used well draining hummus type soil. Also Part of the plant has been on the sunny side. Its a month ago now, and its looking a bit sad, specially where its been more on the sunny side, leaves are going bronzy colour and darkening( bronze) as time goes by, the young leaves ( are starting to do this as well!

Its obviously very stressed! Where did I go wrong? What should I do. Can you please help. Will I lose this baby? ......and what about the large ugly black spots? Its approaching winter here I must say, but I will protect it from frost. Should I put it out of direct sun, and mind you sun can get very strong here in NZ. thank you for your help.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

If it's not supposed to have bronze leaves, and the sunny side has then, I'd put it in the shade. Remove any leaves with black spots, from the soil surface on up, and hope they don't come back. If they do, you probably have a fungal leaf spot, and I'd try a fungicide first.

Obviously, I know nothing about this plant, but have recommended good horticultural guesses.

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Aloes and other succulents often obtain different colors when exposed to sunlight. It's not unhealthy, just a suntan. As long as you didn't move it suddenly from shade to sun, there shouldn't be a problem. As winter is approaching for you, I would give it as much sun as you can, and keep it on the dry side until spring. Avoid frosts!

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