Too bad you missed it!

Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)June 5, 2004

The swap today in Morse was excellent! Good people - good swaps - and good to see you all there, those who made it.

If you weren't at the Morse swap (slightly north of Iowa City) then you missed a good thing.

Thanks, Leslie!

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

yes it was great and wonderful people, Ive had so much fun at these want to have afall one at my place in sept. thanks so much leslie and everyone, great time!! Dessa

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

I had a great time too. And it's going to be so much fun today placing everything in my garden....I'm going to need new beds. Now if I could just locate my husband....

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stan_ia_z4(z4 ia)

This swap was he best ever. If you were there you got to enjoy the charm of Leslie and her tribe, the marvelous slide show on Maudes coumpter of her garden, the never ending knowledge of plant information by Doris, the charm of the southereners (Mo.), the first timers seeking information and receiving more than they need, all the other regulars with their plants and help. If you garden at all, this swap is a must. Stan

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Baumer(z5 Ia)

Does every have all their plants -planted??? Got Most of them. You know you have lots of plants-no too many. When you walk around for 30 minutes---- looking for right place.I'm glad I bought sweeter net hat at Fin&Feather last week. Oh did anyone see a extra water can??? Dh did say took it out of truck. But now can go buy this nice one at Thanks again for hosting swap. And if anyone ever buy Koszta your welcome to give me ideas.

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Yes ,it was a good time. Thanks Leslie for hosting.Thanks Stan for the compliment. I'm still learning new things every day .
I have most of the new ones planted,but must confess I had quite a few plants sitting here already. Doris

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IowaSundrop(z5 IA)

Thanks all for being so welcoming to newcomers! I had a very nice time, and can't wait to see how my new plants will like their spots in my garden. Thanks especially for the help identifying things in my big "what is this??" pile.
If any of you enjoy showing off your lovely gardens, it would be great to get a tour sometime!

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Thanks to everyone who made this a fun weekend, especially Leslie who was so gracious to host it again. Unlike the rest of you who seem to have planted everything.....ours is still on the deck, watered down, and awaiting tomorrow. (Had to mow today!) Thanks to Mary for the Washington was a treat. Great show. And Doris and Wayne...nice car Wayne....wish I could convince Doris to get interested in Siloams and Bromelaids....maybe next year. I could go on, but would sincerely like to thank everyone, and we look forward to the next one....Jay and Alice

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