creamgogo(il)June 30, 2006

when is the best time to spray for this? thanks!

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I have always heard and read that late Fall (October) is a good time to spray broadleaf weeds. The weeds are putting carbs away for winter and will take up the weedkiller more completely at this time of year. The turf and other plants are less likely to be damaged by the weed spray at this time of year.

You can also spray late summer or early fall by spraying the weeds with Miracle-Gro one weekend then hit them with weed spray the next weeekend. The fertilzer makes the weeds grow and take up the weed killer faster.

I pull most of my weeds with a Hound Dog Tool Co. "Weed Hound". I did a Miracle-Gro + 2-4-D spray program in the fall of 2002. Since then I have mowed at 3.5 inches and overseed each fall to thicken the lawn and keep the weeds out as best I can.

I'm trying to use as few chemicals as I can to control weeds. If you make it hard for the weeds to grow the fewer you will have is the "method to my maddness"

Pete in IF

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i'm gonna go the fall route.

hey, also, do you just sprinkle the entire lawn lightly with grass seed each fall? what do you mean overseed? is that how people get those lush lawns?


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I also overseed in the fall and mow my grass very tall all season long. It looks lush and keeps the weeds out. You don't mow any more than you would if you scalp it short.

I do have to use a broadleaf herbicide ocassionally - but not every year (fall is always best)

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