Do Pee Gee hydrangeas spread?

dave4242(z5 CT)May 31, 2009

We have some Kyushu Pee Gee hydrangeas planted in our backyard. I have noticed that on the ground around these plants, there are many, many small plants that look like the larger ones as far as leaves, etc. Do these hydrangeas spread? Or is there some other plant/weed that coincidentally looks just like them? I would love to transplant some of these if they truly are hydrangeas.Thanks.


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smurfsdad(Z5 Illinois)

Those should be Pee Gee's Dave. We have them coming up around ours too. I generally pull them out.


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dave4242(z5 CT)

Thanks Jerry. But can I separate these and transplant them to grow new Pee Gees elsewhere?

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Dave I have done that with my crabapples. I have never noticed my pee gee making these tho, maybe because my husband trims around it closely. It is very easy to root tho.

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dave4242(z5 CT)

Thanks tammy. I think I will dig some up and try transplanting them onto a desolate hill that we have along our driveway. It is about 300 feet long by 50 feet wide. The hydrangeas would fill it in nicely (after several years).

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