After the 2007 Spring Swap in Washington

oldpeony(5)June 2, 2007

My plants are still in the back of the van. Might plant some this evening or might wait til tomorrow. I was so happy with everything I came home with and I want to thank everyone for being so generous to my friend (new to the swap). If I don't mention the plants I got from a specific person, don't think I didn't enjoy it. My memory is so bad I probably don't remember from who I got some things.

One question (for now; probably will be more): Mary, did the Henry Lauder Walking Stick come from you? My friend was sure it was a corkscrew willow. Which was it OR are they the same thing? Can you (or whoever brought it) tell me any special instructions for it? And Mary, I am just thrilled with the hanging geranium. Can't wait to see it bloom!!!!

Pam: I got so many things from you and I'm really appreciative. I give you an award for being the MOST enjoyable person to trade with, although most everyone else was enjoyable too. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Hopefully I will be able to post more as I get things in the ground and see them bloom!

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruth

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Kerri: Can't remember everything I got from you, but thanks. Did I get some black eyed susan from you? See, my memory is bad already and we just exchanged plants only a few hours ago. Thanks for everything!!

Dessa: Can't wait to add the Snow Angel to my heuchera collection. Hope you enjoy the marmalade.

Mary: I must compliment you on your beautiful gardening! The old redbud tree is neat......someone said it was older than the house. Do you remember where you got your exotic long-legged birds? Don't know just what kind they were supposed to be, but I really liked them. Sounded like you are one to take cuttings, etc. Do you or anyone know if you can take cuttings of clematis? I haven't done anything with cuttings, and don't do much from seed.

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Kerry: I found something in DG plant files that was called poached eggs daisy. It said it grows about 12" high and is an annual. Is that what I got from you?

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

it was a great swap, maude i loved my red bud start. a corkscrew willow will do just like a lauder with the curling branches and all.i think the lauder is a filbert tree. old peony. oh and maude girls loved the tomatoes. kerri ribbon grass is planted and may others and i loved my stop at hyvee too lovely plants. i had a wonderful time, cant wait till fall for us to all get together again,ill have much more then some diff coral bells for sure... Dessa

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

The corkscrew willow was from a friend who could not attend. The first time he talked about it, he called it Harry (or Henry?) Lauder's Walking Stick, so that's what I posted. Then yesterday he called it corkscrew willow. Anyway, it was Bob's, and his first swap, and he couldn't stay. Sorry for the confusion about it.

I've never tried taking clematis cuttings, but I suppose I could try it. I have several large ones with lots of shoots. I'll have to study up on it first.

I, too, had a great time, and received a lot of neat plants that I'm anxious to get into the ground today. It's always kind of like Christmas - so many unexpected gifts and such good conversation. Thanks to everyone for coming!

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