What's wrong with it??? (pic included)

mindle72(5-6)May 18, 2010

I planted this forever and ever hydrangea last spring and don't understand why it's still so small. It totally died off over the winter and just seems to be growing at snail speed. It's getting partial sun (west facing) but it's been pretty gloomy around here. I also have one in the back that's even smaller. Any thoughts?


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nothing's wrong...a couple of my FE&E had significant winter dieback this yr...they are all leaving out pretty much like yours...pretty much all the old woods from last yr was dried and dead, so I cut them out already..but the plants are leaving out very nice at the crown - just like yours...no worry...I got my FE&E from a grower friend from one gallon pots, took them a while to get big...now the winter setback, so the plants could still compact for some time to come...so if you start your FE&E from an one-gallon pot size, have patience...

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I agree with the above statement also. Along with that your hydrangea should get eastern sun. It will always suffer from evening sun in the heat of the summer.

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Thank you both for your responses. The one I have in the back getting Eastern sun is really small. We are planning to get some trees this year so hopefully the sun won't fry it.

Really appreciate the help!

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