Why is my tree only getting leaves on top?

jamie8137June 16, 2013

Help please! I planted 2 Burgundy Hearts Redbud Trees last spring and we ended up with a horrible drought last year. I did water it daily, but this year only the top half of the tree is leafing out. Should I be worried? What can I do? The other tree looks great!

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Are those leafless branches still green? If not just trim them off.You still have a good looking tree.Not unusual for a tree to lose a few twigs in a drought such as we had.Just see that it has plenty of moisture & it should do nicely.
See that the mulch isn't snugged up against the trunk. It could cause the bark to start rotting.

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Thanks! I will trim them off! Was just worried it was some disease taking over the tree. I'm new to landscaping.

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