What's blooming?

sirmatthew(4 - Iowa)June 14, 2013

What an ODD year! Spring was very strange in NW IA. It's June 14, and I have a sprinkling of Iris blooming. My peonies are either close to opening, if they are in a sheltered spot, while others are either not going to bloom or they have rather small sized buds. I know it was REALLY dry here, and I did have a few peonies die off, along with a ton of tulips and daffs, I am on a well, and with the reports of wells drying, I stopped watering in August. Just wondering how everyone else is faring around the state.

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This area,south east Iowa had severe drought last year. This year in April & May we got more than enough rainfall to make up for it.Had lots of flooding in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City & other spots.In my particular area we could use an inch or so of rain. Heavy precip
tends to skip us,but so does bad storms(knock wood)..Makes me uneasy & hoping this lack of rain isn't going to be the trend.
My iris & peonies were about 10 days later. Peonies were gorgeous because it was cool & we didn't happen to get a hard rain to spoil them.Tulips & daffodils & hyacinths were really nice.Oh,and the lilacs were more beautiful than I've ever seen them.
The daylilies,which I have lots of,are very lush & loaded with scapes.In fact they are so lush that for the first time I have some aphid on them. Grrr.


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Rose, what's the name of that peony? (I'm trying to identify similar looking one).

NE IA. Everything is late this year. Peonies were good, just finished, I have 1 flower left. All bloomed. I had other plants that died though. Roses (I have 2) just done blooming, and now daylilies are starting!
So far so good in regards to rain. I didn't have to water anything this year yet :)

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