Hydro-organic fertilizer?

TheMasterGardener1(5B)March 8, 2012

I have Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow that I use for my pepper container garden.

It say for hydrogardens, coco, and soil.

It has things like :Fish meal, composted sea bird guano, sea kelp, spirulina, soybean protein extract, rock phosphate, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, humic acid*, fulvic acid*, citric acid, raw sugar cane, Agrimineral 72 (silica clay extract), amino acids, B-complex vitamins*, and select botanical plant extracts

Some organic some not.

The question is how does it work? In a hydrogarden that has no soil life, these things are ready for the plant to uptake right out of the bottle.

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They probably know stuff will start to grow and once it does, it will break down the nutrients as needed to make it available to the plants.
I mean raw sugar cane is not required for plants. That's to feed bacteria.

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yea that is what I am wondering too.

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